The Magical Journeys Of Andreas Vollenweider (2 DVD), 2006 год

The Magical Journeys Of Andreas Vollenweider (2 DVD)

Chapter I 01. Intro 02. Dance Of The Masks (Live At Sunset, Zurich, Switzerland) 03. Andreas On Musical Storytelling... 04. Down To The Moon (Live At Sunset) 05. Pace Verde (Montreux Jazz Festival) 06. The Woman And The Stone (Montreux) 07. The Five Sisters (Montreux) 08. Andreas On The Harp... 09. Passionata (Live At Sunset) 10.Moonday (NHK, Tokyo) Chapter II 11. Andreas On The Current Band... 12. Seven Doors (Kaufleuten Theatre, Zurich) 13. Under One Moon (Cosmopoly Session, New York, W/Carly Simon...) 14. Hush, My Heart Be Still (Cosmopoly Session, New York, W/Djivan Gasparyan) 15. Andreas On His Family Background 16. Vergeletto (Rockpalast Festival, Loreley) 17. Micro-Macro (Rockpalast Festival, Loreley,1982 - Live At Sunset, 2002) 18. Under One Moon (Cosmopoly Session, Basle, W/Abdullah Ibrahim, David Lindley...) 19. The Years In The Forest (Montreux Jazz Festival) 20. Sailor (Montreux Jazz Festival) Chapter III 21. Tales Of Kira Kutan (Intl. Film Festival Warsaw) 22. Mother Of Peace (Celebration Of The 70th Birthday Of HH The Dalai Lama In Zurich) 23. Kora (Live At Sunset, Zuric) 24. Hey You! Yes You... (Kaufleuten Theatre, Zurich) 25. Pyramid Дополнительные материалы DVD 1 Music Videos Pearls And Tears Dancing With The Lion Pace Verde Documentaries Book Of Roses Cosmopoly Kryptos Introducing VOX Хронометраж: 64 минуты, Звуковая дорожка: Английский Dolby Digital 2.0 DVD 2: Concert Specials 01. Down To The Moon (Historic Concert At The NHK, Tokyo, 1987) 02. Tales Of Kira Kutan (Int. Film Festival Warsaw, 2001) 03. Wolkenstein - A Symphonic Adventure (Fraumunster Cathedral, Zrich 1999) 04. Cosmopoly Project (AVO Sessions, Basle, 2001) R2, DVD9/9,PAL, 4:3


Название: The Magical Journeys Of Andreas Vollenweider (2 DVD)
Год выхода на экран: 2006 год
Жанр: Музыка, Спецпредложение
Продолжительность: 225 минут
Режиссер: Andreas Vollenweider
Цена: 412 руб.
Качество записи у нас: DVD

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